Huh? Who is that girl behind her? あれ?後から来るのは誰?
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ボーカルが目立つヤツ Something makes vocal to be the center of attention

In a new school term, luckily they could get activities costs for amplifiers as club.
And make a big noise . . .
Chinese Rock (Remastered) - End of the Century (Remastered)Now they are playing with this song (18th song) Check it!

Shut up!

Mika complained, 'Hey! Waka! You make a big noise!'
And Waka told back, 'So what?'

Mika argued, 'Let's cover some songs which makes vocal to be the center, from this album.'

It was a fatal meeting Pimiko and "Blondie".
Pimiko muttered, 'Oh my gosh! She is amazing!'

Blondie - ブロンディ出会っちゃったのはこのアルバム!
Blondie - BlondiePimiko fatal meet this album. Check it!
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