Huh? Who is that girl behind her? あれ?後から来るのは誰?
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ミカのおすすめ Mika recommends you . . .
Pimiko said, 'I love songs that Mika recommended.'

Mika peered on and said, 'Of course, I am a genius. Anyway, did you check a new album of them? 
Waka disgusted and said, 'Songs are good but. . . '

Waka was sipping a coffee and muttered, 'but, you are . . .'
Mika exited and said, 'Hey, listen!'
Parallel Lines - Blondie10th song is . . .'

Mika screamed, 'This is going to be big hit!'
Pimiko screamed, 'Wow! I want to listen! I want to listen!'
Waka grumbled, 'You know what, you guys are real pain in the neck.'

Waka persuade Pimiko, 'Don't make Mika carring away.'
'But, Mika! Your recommendation was so good. I still thank you' Pimiko thinks at the present time.

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