Huh? Who is that girl behind her? あれ?後から来るのは誰?
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あら宿 Arajuku 1

Waka and Mike were fighting like beasts as usual. 
Waka growled, Mika shrieked and Pimiko tried to stop them.
Kuri came and asked Pimiko, 'Shall we go to Arajuku?'

Pimiko said not eagerly, 'Arajuku? Is it dangerous?'
Kuri said, 'Don't be scare! Arajuku is not so high hurdles, if you can control these wild beasts.' 

Kuri tempted, 'There is a lot of trendy boutiques. We can find costumes for the concert. And, yes! Choco-pie shop is there.'

Pimiko asked happily, 'What? What is Choco-pie?'
Kuri explained, 'Ah, yes. It's a good question. It absolutely new type of cakess . . .' (in 1978, in Japan)

' . . . It's a chocolate custard cream covered with pie.'
Pimiko screamed, 'I want to go to Arajuku!'
Waka said in disgust, 'It's easy to kidnap Pimiko, hun?'
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