Huh? Who is that girl behind her? あれ?後から来るのは誰?
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ステージネーム A stage mame

シェイラ。出典は4曲目→Eat to the Beat - ブロンディ
Let's have a stage name!
Sonia said, 'Actually, I'll be Sonia'.
Mika, 'Of course, Shayla.'
Kuti was undecided and said, 'Cherry also sounds good.'
Shayla cf.4th song Eat to the Beat - Blondie

Pimiko asked Waka, 'What a stage name is?'
Waka screamed, 'It's ridiculous!'

Waka explained, 'I don't want to imagine, that somebody call me my real name on the stage. I feel chilly.'

 'And I want to imagine, that somebody call me "Candy Rose" on the stage. It makes me very happy.'

アナスタシア。出典は11曲目→Eat to the Beat - ブロンディ
Waka continued, 'Pimiko, you gotta decide a stage name, too.'
Mika said, 'No! It was already decided. She is Anastasia.'
Anastasia cf.11th song Eat to the Beat - Blondie
Kuri said, 'Ouch! Pimiko overheats again.'

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