Huh? Who is that girl behind her? あれ?後から来るのは誰?
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SHE (looks old for her age, but she is their classmate in junior high.) said, 'Hey! You're in my seat.' Girls thought, 'What? This folding chair has the seat number?'
The classmate who wears bottle bottom glasses said, 'You know? Miss Shijima join the band with bad girls in the second group.' Her friend said, 'Wow, it's scary!'

The classmate who wears bottle bottom glasses said, 'I will tell the teacher. If it's true . . .'
Girls screamed, 'She is sweet!'

Girls excited and said, 'I can not belive, she is beautiful!' 'Hey, Waka! Please loot at me!'

Girls surprised, 'Jeeeeez!!'


Who is she?


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