Huh? Who is that girl behind her? あれ?後から来るのは誰?
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退学 dismissed from school 1

'girlsband@' has no drama as it looks. . .
Pimiko a Kuri are talking happily.

. . . but one day, tragedy happens like this . . .
Mika suddenly screamed, 'Oh my god!'

Pimiko and Kuri worried and asked her, 'What happened, Mika?'

Mika screamed and run off somewhere, 'Oh, my god! I left a original copy of our poster on a copy machine at the school library!'

At the moment, a librarian teacher found their original copy and said, 'Again, a some student left paper.' But this paper had big surprise with . . .

This! She screamed, 'What is this shameless photo!'
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